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The Orchard Cover 2

Posted by Gene Head on April 26, 2020 with No Comments
Another cover I made for THE ORCHARD. It has more of a Margaret Atwood feel, I think. Not sure if it quite suits. Was fun to make.

Editing Begins

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Editing on THE ORCHARD has begun. After much deliberation, I found a trusted American company to work with. Meanwhile, I am keeping busy on the farm, baling hay, fixing barbed wire fences and splitting logs for our family to sell as firewood during the coronavirus pandemic. I’m still writing each morning. I can’t wait to put the finishing touches on The Orchard over the next couple of months at the advice of a talented editor.

We found a bat living in the covered area just outside our front door. He hangs upside down and gets horribly disorientated when you surprise him by opening the door at night to visit the outdoor toilet. I found out about him because one evening I heard Leonie screaming.


“It’s a BAT!”


The Bat

The Bat

“There’s a bat flying around me!”

“There’s no bats. What’re you on about?”

More screams. I finally went out to calm her down, and sure as shit, there was this mad, blind bat, flapping every which way but straight and Leonie right in the middle of it all.

“Jesus, Leonie! Careful, love, there’s a bat!”

We also have possums living in the roof, and some of the biggest lizards I’ve seen.

The Orchard Cover 1

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Cover designs for The Orchard. I love the extremely simple Literary covers used on 20th century books like: Malcolm Lowry’s, UNDER THE VOLCANO and Kurt Vonnegut’s, SLAUGHTERHOUSE FIVE. I even own a copy of Kerouac’s, On The Road, that has a cover that consists of an orange flat colour with a white rectangle centred and some brush strokes of black ink or paint splattered in it. These classics barely have a synopsis or sales blurb on the back either. Just a little about the author, the importance of the book, the time it came out in and sometimes a quote. I’m drawn to the simple covers. I’ll buy a book based on how confidently simplistic  it’s cover is (they can sometimes be almost obnoxiously confident). Anyway, I’ll soon be seeking publication for The Orchard. If it was to be published, I doubt if I’d have much of a say over the cover art but I’d like to have something to show them that I think suits.

New Book In Progress

Posted by Gene Head on April 20, 2020 with No Comments

Supercilious!   My newest project. As I currently seek a suitable literary editor for The Orchard, I am making ground on a new book – Supercilious! Usually I don’t dive into another book without a resting period. I believe writing should be organic, not forced. I laugh at those self help books that promote writing […]

Brandy In Flames

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BRANDY IN FLAMES will soon be available right here on or Amazon. COMING SOON BRANDY IN FLAMES BRANDY IN FLAMES presents in the guise of a men’s nudie magazine forum as Head astutely dissects a society gone mad and explores our views on women, sex, religious excommunication, mortality and the pervasive dominance of fantasy in […]

The Orchard

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I’m extremely excited to announce the completion of “THE ORCHARD”, the first novel of 2020. We’re taking it through the editing phase now. COMING (VERY) SOON THE ORCHARD In this transgressive fiction novel Gene Head skillfully uses the platform of the tediously over told “untouchable farmer’s daughter” cliché, to tell a tale of significantly greater sophistication, unearthing […]