The Orchard Cover 1

Posted by Gene Head on April 24, 2020

Cover designs for The Orchard. I love the extremely simple Literary covers used on 20th century books like: Malcolm Lowry’s, UNDER THE VOLCANO and Kurt Vonnegut’s, SLAUGHTERHOUSE FIVE. I even own a copy of Kerouac’s, On The Road, that has a cover that consists of an orange flat colour with a white rectangle centred and some brush strokes of black ink or paint splattered in it. These classics barely have a synopsis or sales blurb on the back either. Just a little about the author, the importance of the book, the time it came out in and sometimes a quote. I’m drawn to the simple covers. I’ll buy a book based on how confidently simplistic¬† it’s cover is (they can sometimes be almost obnoxiously confident). Anyway, I’ll soon be seeking publication for The Orchard. If it was to be published, I doubt if I’d have much of a say over the cover art but I’d like to have something to show them that I think suits.

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