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From Gene Head…

I’ve been a labour-man most of my life, working menial jobs like, roof tiler, postal worker, bar staff, track bet TAB operator, air conditioner installation, cable repairman, package delivery driver, furniture removalist, furniture repairman, house painter, plasterer and a traveling circus roustabout; among others!

I write every chance I get outside of the current employment hours I’m subjected to. I also love reading work by Ernest Hemingway, Charles Bukowski, Jack Kerouac and Henry Miller.

I began writing Elmo Brenner books as a way to re-live some of my travels (hey – news alert: you can get the first book for free right here) and I’ve never looked back.

The Elmo Brenner series is primarily a literary fiction glance into the unstable and often funny life of a mid thirties man jumping from job to job and living among the ordinary people that are just as stuck as he is – The pace quick. The vernacular is fun. Relate to him or loath him. What difference does it make in this rat cage we’re all trapped in with nothing better to do than dance and drink and screw – and of course, read good books. 


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