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Get an introduction to Gene Head’s writing with this complimentary book that will absorb and apprise you beyond your limits. In this novella, Gene draws our attention to the pervasive dominance of fantasy in our everyday lives, telling his story by dint of an adult forum in a men’s magazine. Obscene, shocking, blasphemous, smart as a whip and touching, Head’s trademark vernacular will entertain you, while you examine sex under views of men, women, and possibly an angry God!


(01) Brandy In Flames

What’s it about…

A phenomenon has turned the women of Brandy into sexual maniacs. In fact, it’s happened right across the globe. The town begins its descent into (sultry madness) and soon men have stopped turning up to work, the Internet has crashed and basic supplies have ceased. Baffled scientists try to understand it, theists warn of end times, and town garbage disposal man, (Elmo), watches it all go down very quickly.  

“What’s happening to everyone?! Give me an answer you little faggots!” — Elmo Brenner

But as mysteriously as it happened, things change back again, and Elmo is left wondering why his wife, Winnie, didn’t change back as well. (Instead), she remains sexually inexhaustible in a world where ± women ∅ have now become frigid old maids. All at once, Brandy’s men can’t convince their wives to sleep with them and Elmo worries they have their sights set on his Woman.

Of course, when (Winnie) flaunts herself this liberally, in a town of modesty and gossip, it doesn’t take long for townsfolk to disagree with her freedom.

“You’ll love a character one minute and loath them the next. Then you’ll love them again and part of you will hate yourself for it.”

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Review by B. Newman

Gene Head (Brandy in Flames) takes you on an honest and edgy adventure in a small Australian every town. He shows impressive skill behind the wheel of his characters. Brace for shock and sudden turns. Enjoy the ride.

Our world is flooded by lots of great things to read and watch but I am glad that I made the decision to read the Brandy in Flames novella on a flight to Australia from Hong Kong.

The story is about Elmo Brenner, one of the towns garbos (rubbish collectors) and his struggle to hold himself together, and battle his primal urges and those of others, while his town of Brandy is under siege by a mysterious phenomenon that drives women to be promiscuous. Sounds like a fantasy come true? Well, Head will take this full circle. Is it a poisoned chalice?

Head offers fascinating characters that seem real because they are based on his traveled life experience. What you get is authentic world building. Once he builds his fully functional township, he then throws them into Twilight Zone style peril.

You’ll love a character one minute and loath them the next. Then you’ll love them again and part of you will hate yourself for it. It’s a world of grey. It’s a real world.

I enjoyed reading what I saw as a refreshing piece of counterculture. But something grounded on the inner mechanics of sex and what it does to the mind and by extension our actions.

I’ve never read a story like this before. I didn’t realise that it was going to unfold into being something much larger.

Head shows that he was also a dab hand at crafting and pacing his stories. Shifting gears suddenly just when you get comfortable. I was left shocked and satisfied at the end. And I hope that Head continues to build upon his Elmo Brenner character and his meticulous world building. I hope to see more works from this battler genre which so many people can relate to.

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