New Book In Progress

Posted by Gene Head on April 20, 2020

Due:2 months



My newest project. As I currently seek a suitable literary editor for The Orchard, I am making ground on a new book –


Usually I don’t dive into another book without a resting period. I believe writing should be organic, not forced. I laugh at those self help books that promote writing 10,000 words a day and completing a novel in 2 weeks or a month. They have all sorts of terms for it, like fluent typing. Garbage. Don’t buy into that hype. It’s not about quantity. It’s about creating art. Having said that, I also like to strike when the iron is hot, and I can hear voices. Not all of them are in my head, but the ones that are, need to be scribed. And my natural writing habit of typing a few good lines, a few good pages, what ever comes between the hours of 3:00am and 6:00am, must be met.


Leonie and I are self isolating on a family cattle ranch 3 hours drive from our usual home. We’re in the New South Wales countryside and up here in the hills it drops to 3 degrees at night. I write with a hot cup of coffee next to a burning fireplace each morning. It’s a romantic picture, but one shouldn’t forget the virus that surrounds us. It’s no joke. Be careful out there.


Here’s the cover, presuming my friend Andy Boxer has the time to give a passionate forward for the book! Stay tuned here for updates. You can also see my daily progress on [Supercilious!] represented as a moving progress bar in the top left corner of this page when ever you visit. I update it every time I finish a writing session.


Have a fan-fucking-tastic day.


Gene, out!

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