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Gene Head does not self publish. We are currently seeking agency for the following books. Below are our books in development from the Elmo Brenner Novel Series:

THE ORCHARD – Stage: Editing

SUPERCILIOUS – Stage: (Awaiting Editing)

A NUDIE MAG FROM WORK – Stage: (Awaiting Editing)

The Elmo Brenner novels follow Gene’s character Elmo through a deliberately meaningless life, filled with micro adventures and turmoil. Readers are drawn into a false sense of compassion for a deplorable criminal, and upon seeing his true colours, are given a unique satisfaction as we enjoy watching him ultimately trounced.

Elmo lurks in the far corners of our society, while we peer over with a healthy fear of the unknown. But it’s our world, not Elmo’s. However, for the time being, Elmo exists. He’s here, and we’re mad as hell about it.







In this transgressive fiction novel Gene Head uses the platform of the tediously over told “untouchable farmer’s daughter” cliché to tell a tale of significantly greater sophistication, unearthing the power of denial in a man motivated by will, but dominated by a lifestyle of instant gratification and alcohol addiction. Elmo surprises us all with a side to him that will have your skin crawling.


Following our leading man somewhere in another Elmo Brenner Universe, Head explores, in more detail, his dark past, his greatest fears, and encourages us to both celebrate and morn his inevitable defeat. The story of a man who is very much the self confessed, sniffy, snooty wanker that you’ll love to hate. Extremely funny, grisly, self aware and enjoyably wordy, Head’s latest book is in its own special way, perfectly Supercilious.


Out of boredom, a man sneaks a men’s magazine from the stash at his workplace, and over dinner, reads a story from the back page forums to his wife. It’s a letter to the editor sent in by long time reader, Elmo Brenner, and it’s a long one. After reading Elmo’s “True Erotic Story,” the couple are deeply moved by it. If you like gritty themes, explicit adult content, and sophisticated social commentary, then you’ll love Gene Head’s howlingly uncompromising scorcher.

Elmo’s letter goes a little something like this:

Garbage collector Elmo Brenner trades philosophy and arguments against God with anyone over a beer—or six. Happily married and living for the weekend in his small Australian town, he’s more concerned with Beethoven and booze than the share price. But his deliberately meaningless life turns into a lust-filled orgy when every woman in the world suddenly becomes an overheated nymphomaniac.

Delighted with his wife’s newfound antics, Elmo ignores the sexual fires consuming the community and immerses himself in a one-man, one-woman descent into depravity. But the “every man’s dream” plague vanishes overnight, leaving all females frigid… except Elmo’s wife. And now that she’s the object of all men’s desire, his hands are full keeping her from satisfying her inexhaustible urges with everyone but him.

Can Elmo keep it up when everybody wants a piece of his wife’s arse?


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