Headbook Privacy Policy

Information We Collect

Headbook collects the information you give us on the site:

  • Your name and email address when you create an account
  • The posts and comments that you make on the site

The name you give us when you create your account is considered public and is shown on the site. You can use your real name when you create the account or not. We prefer that you do interact on the site under your real name but we don't require it. You are not allowed to impersonate another person, company or organization. Your email address is considered private and is not shared with anyone. It is only used as your login name and to communicate with you about your account.

Headbook is a public forum and therefore all of your posts and comments here are consided public and not private. If you have confidential information do not share it here.

Your Internet browser will send information that our servers may log including:

  • The IP address that your device is using
  • Your device's operating system and the browser being used

This information that your browser provides is only stored in server log files used to support the site software. These logs are only saved for a short time and never shared with anyone outside our company. We do not store this information from your browser in the permanent database. We do not collect any information about your location. We do not collect any unique device identifiers.

Since there is no advertising, we do not receive any information from "partners" and we don't share any information with any other company. We do not track your activity on the site other than to remember the last post you viewed from each friend and discussion you are following. We do not track any activity off our site.


We do not store any cookies on your device unless you have chosen to stay logged in. In that case, cookies are stored with the information needed to reconnect if you become disconnected.

Payment Information

Your payment information is only stored with the payment processing company being used by Headbook. We do not store any payment information on our servers.

Use of Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Headbook will use AI to scan posts and comments for inappropriate content. Anything flagged by AI will be reviewed by a human.

Cooperation With Law Enforcement

Headbook will comply with any reasonable requests from law enforcement to access data on our site.